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Wedding Buzz Blog

Show Me What You're Made Of: A Comparative Look at the Metals Used in Wedding Bands

 The standard for wedding bands has always been to make them from gold. The gold is mined, refined, alloyed, cast, and polished to the perfect gleam. Gold has been a traditional choice for ladies’ wedding rings since the Roman Empire, when wealthy men gave their wives gold bands. Those who couldn’t quite afford the steep price for gold gave their beloved rings made of other metals, like iron.  The American wedding ring market doubled during the mid-20th century, as soldiers started wearing wedding rings to remember their wives while they were away. At that time, the rings were mostly made in gold. Platinum had been a popular choice for jewelry throughout the Art Deco period, prized for its futuristic and modern vibe. But when America’s entrance in World War II took precedence over jewelry, platinum use was diverted to the war effort. ...
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A Little Glitz and Glam: Luxury Jewelers and Wedding Bands Inspired by Them

Jewelry is one of those amazing things in life that almost every woman likes. I would venture to guess that most don’t love it as much as I do, but I would reckon that most women enjoy jewelry. Jewelry can run the gamut: it can be the most indulgent luxury you’ll ever experience, or it can be the pony-beads-on-a-pipecleaner bracelet your preschooler made you (I myself have two of these fine baubles). Either way, jewelry captures the imagination and is a creative outlet for the designer. Jewelry is an incredible artistic expression, not just because it is truly art, but also because it is art that you can wear every day. I appreciate a good impressionist painting (Renoir is my favorite impressionist painter) as much as the next liberal arts college graduate, but I can’t carry Bal du Moulin de la Galette (Renoir’s most famous painting, housed ...
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On Trend: Spring,Summer 2017 Wedding Jewelry Trends

Ten years ago, I had my heart set on the most stunning necklace I’ve ever seen. It was so beautiful, it defies description. But because I’m sure you appreciate jewelry the way I do, have a look for yourself.  I wore this marvelous creation for my wedding. My entire wedding look was planned around this necklace, right down to the color of thread embroidered artfully throughout my bodice. When I first started dress shopping, I approached the daunting task with the idea that because the necklace was so fanciful and complex, my dress should be a simple and understated backdrop. But as I was trying on simple and understated dresses, they just seemed lackluster and drab compared to the necklace I would wear. When I tried on the dress I ultimately ended up buying, I knew. I had one of those fairytale experiences where I just “knew” this was ...
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Style Spotlight: Fleur-de-lis

Anyone who has ever loved the old-world charm of royalty, especially the French court, is familiar with the fleur-de-lis. Translated literally, it means “lily flower.” A passing glance opens your eyes to the stylized lily flower that it is meant to represent. Featured prominently in conjunction with Catholic saints (notably St. Joseph), the symbol has become synonymous with French royalty.  French historian Georges Duby says that the three petals of the fleur-de-lis represent the three classes of people in medieval France: those who worked, who fought, and who prayed. While never officially adopted by the French republic, it is the most easily recognized symbol of that country and culture. But the fleur-de-lis’s influence extended beyond France. It actually appears on the coat of arms for the Spanish king, given his familial history (he ...
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Non-Traditional Wedding Jewelry Ideas

By now you all should know how I feel about jewelry: I kind of think it’s a big deal. I mean, my husband and I refurbished a dresser from the Salvation Army and repurposed it into a jewelry armoire…don’t judge. It’s pretty fly, if I can borrow the accolades of a good friend of mine. And in no single life event does jewelry play a bigger role than in your wedding. One of the main features of a wedding is the giving and receiving of wedding bands (to learn more about the modern double-ring ceremony, check out this blog). But the standard expectations for what kind of jewelry you wear and how you wear it may not work for every bride. In the spirit of inviting you to see other options, I thought today would be an opportunity to chat about some different avenues of jewelry use in your wedding ensemble.  When we think about wedding jewelry, ...
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A Stroke of Luck: Jewelry Superstitions

  You can make a superstition regarding pretty much anything. Jewelry, especially in weddings and romantic relationships, is no exception. A quick perusal of the internet will yield about a bazillion results, some standard old wives’ tales we’ve all heard, and some nutty banana ones that make you scratch your head and giggle. In the interest of fun, I’ve collected some of my favorites here. Some serious, some not so much. And, spoiler alert, for just about every superstition I found, I uncovered an equal amount of rebuttal superstitions. So really, I guess the moral of the wedding jewelry superstition story is to take it all with a grain of salt and just wear the jewelry that makes you feel alive, on fire, and as precious as the jewels in them.  We’ll start with the engagement ring. Some lore suggests that the day on which the ...
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Famous: Getting the Look of Celebrity Wedding Rings

From their clothes to jewelry to the restaurants they eat in, celebrities help drive trends. We are fueled by a bizarre desire to recreate as much of their seemingly magical lives as we can. I’ll be honest: I’ll never be able to afford the houses they have or the clothes they wear. I’ll probably never be able to afford most of their jewelry either, but hey, that is not stopping me from trying. With that in mind, I thought we could spend today going over some of the best specimens in celebrity wedding rings…and how to get the same look without the giant price tag.  When it comes to ladies’ and men’s wedding bands, Timeless Wedding Bands can’t be topped. No matter what style you’re looking for, we’ve got what you need. The rings we’ll talk about today are extremely versatile and fashionable, while ...
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Will You..Tell Me How to Propose on Valentine's Day?

Yes, yes I will. Because I am a busybody who loves to tell other people how to live their lives. And also because I am a devoted enthusiast of weddings, romance, love, and happily-ever-afters.  Joking aside, I understand the pressure that comes along with asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you. The night my husband proposed was one of my favorite nights ever. I don’t know if he would describe it in those exact words. He was uncharacteristically nervous, so I knew something was afoot. I figured it was the proposal, since we had been talking about getting married for quite a number of months, but knowing didn’t change the beauty of it.  We live outside of Detroit, so he took me to a Red Wings hockey game (in which they DESTROYED the Nashville Predators) and then to dinner at a jazz restaurant in the GM Renaissance Center. For ...
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Something Romantic This Way Comes: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I know it’s hard to think about another holiday, what with Christmas and New Year’s just barely behind us (don’t lie…some of y’all still have your Christmas decorations up. It’s alright), but the fact is, the most romantic of holidays is nearly upon us. Valentine’s Day is in just a few weeks. So fellas, instead of stressing out about the perfect gift for your lady or the most romantic evening this side of Hollywood, let me give you a little tip: jewelry. It’s the gift that is sure to impress and excite your girl. Because this season of lovey-dovey emotions warms my heart and the die-hard romantic in me is living the dream, I am devoting today’s blog entirely to Valentine’s Day jewelry gift ideas.  It is important to note that Valentine’s Day has been closely linked with love since the Roman ...
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And the Timeless Award For Best Oscars Bling Goes to..

Last year, I started a new tradition. I invite my girlfriends over, we eat fattening and indulgent snacks in our pajamas, watch the Academy Awards, and cruelly dissect the attendees’ clothes and jewels (which we’ll never be able to afford). Truthfully, we’re not horribly mean. And most of the gossip is about what we like the best, so unless it’s truly a tragic fashion moment, we’re pretty forgiving. However, since I’m being honest, I have to say that I generally pay more attention to the jewelry than the clothes. I love clothing, and the Oscars is the finest parade of couture you’ll ever see, but it is also a walking showcase of the talents and skills possessed by some of the most brilliant and creative jewelry designers imaginable.  The jewelry that is worn on Oscar night inspires me. To some, my love of jewelry may ...
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