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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions. Please browse the questions below and if you have any further questions, our staff is available to answer any other questions you may have by calling us toll-free at 1 (844) 226-8800.

What metals do you sell your rings in?

We sell our rings in 10k, 14k, 18k gold. They are available in yellow, white and rose gold. We also sell rings in platinum, silver and palladium. Please note platinum rings take an additional 10 to 15 business days to produce. Contemporary metals are also available. We offer a selection of rings in titanium and stainless steel. If you don't see the metal you are interested in, please contact us, we would be more than happy to see if we can accommodate you.

What is the difference between a "karat" and a "carat"?

A karat is a unit of measurement for the purity of gold. Pure gold is 24K, or speaking in percentages, 24K would equal 100% gold. 14K equals 58.33% gold, usually rounded up to 58.5%. A diamond carat weight is the measurement of the weight of a diamond. A diamond carat weight may be broken down into 100 points. This means that a one (1.00) carat diamond is 100 points. This industry standard makes it easier to explain how much a single diamond weighs or how much multiple diamonds weigh together. Multiple diamonds weighed together are referred to as the "total diamond weight" which can also look like this "TW or Tw or tw". If you would like more information, please visit our Diamond Education page.

What is your "30 Day Guarantee"?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, send it back for a full refund (shipping charges are non-refundable) within 30 days of the original shipping date. We do our best to make your shopping experience with us a pleasurable one. When returning an item, it must be in the original shape as when we sent it to you. Please visit our Returns policy to see how to return your ring.

Can my ring be engraved?

Free engraving is offered on most rings. You are able to choose from our wide selection of fonts. See our engraving page for more details.

Do I have to be present when my package is delivered?

All our packages are shipped with an adult signature required. Timeless Wedding Bands will not ship to PO boxes. For more information on our shipping policy please visit the shipping section on our policies page.

Is there a certain way to return my products?

Upon request we will send you a return authorization number to send your ring back. For more information, please visit our Returns policy, located in the policies section.

What quality diamonds do you use?

Our diamond quality varies slightly between styles. The range we use is between VS2 and SI2; our color range is G to I. Each style has its specification noted in the details on the product pages. For more information about diamonds and their grading system, please see our Diamonds page under Education.

Are your rings hollow?

All our bands and rings are solid. We do not sell gold plated or hollow rings. All the rings are made with the selected Karat Gold you have chosen; all of our platinum is 950 pure.

What comes with my ring?

You will receive a free ring box, free ground shipping, and a certificate of authenticity.

How long will it take to get my ring once I order it?

Each item has a "Ships in" description on the product page. This means that your ring will leave our facilities in the time specified on the product page. After that, the shipping option you have chosen will add the corresponding days. We do our best to ship your ring in the specified time, but sometimes events outside of our control may delay the shipping of your ring.

Why do some rings take longer to deliver?

Our manufacturing process is custom tailored to bring you the highest quality pieces. To ensure this, we manufacture each piece as ordered. The rings also go through a rigorous inspection process before they leave our facilities. Some rings may take up to 14 (fourteen) business days to create. If you need your ring sooner than the allotted time, please contact us, and we will do everything we can to meet your needs. Certain platinum rings may take up to 25 (twenty five ) business days to create.

Does white gold stay white?

White gold itself is naturally a very pale yellow - think white versus off white. All white gold rings are rhodium plated, and may need to be re-rhodiumed if you want it to remain in its original state.

How should a wedding band fit?

When choosing a wedding band keep these things in mind: 1. The ring should slide on easily. 2. It should be comfortable once you have it on. 3. You should have some resistance when attempting to remove the ring. 4. If you think you are between sizes, we offer quarter sizes for your convenience.

How can I find my ring size?

Please visit our sizing page for information about our ring sizing kit and to have one delivered to you. If you feel like you don't have the time to wait or need your ring in a hurry, you may go to a local jeweler and they may size you.

If I get sized at a local jeweler, can I use that size to purchase my ring?

You may, but be aware that many salespeople are not well trained in measuring sizes, and may recommend an incorrect size. In addition, when being sized for a ring, please note that you should not size yourself or go to a local jeweler if you just worked out, or if you use your hands in a strenuous way, or any other physical activity where you may use your hands quite frequently. Your fingers may swell and you will not get an accurate ring size. While at the jeweler, try on bands that are similar in width, and if possible try on one that is comfort fit and one that is not. We recommend you request a free ring sizer from us.

If I purchase a ring and the size is wrong, can it re-sized?

Of course, within 30 (thirty) days of the shipping date you may send your ring back to be exchanged or re-sized, just be sure to tell us what size you need. If 30 (thirty) days have passed, it can still be sized, but an additional charge may be required.


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