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Wear Wedding Rings On Left Hand | Wedding Bands For Women

Wedding rings are the universal symbol of a heart that is taken. Married couples exchange rings and wear them proudly to show the world that they are committed to only one person. Though different cultures may have other traditions, most western cultures wear wedding bands on the 4 finger of the left hand, the ring finger.

Over the years, many different traditions have existed to explain the exchanging and wearing of rings. Right now, the simplest explanation behind wearing a wedding ring on the left ring finger is that it is expected. This has been the generally accepted way so long that people naturally look for the ring on that particular finger to get an immediate reading of a person’s romantic availability status. A ring means they are committed, or taken. No ring means they are open to romantic gestures, in theory anyway.

There are several popular theories to explain why the ring finger was chosen in the beginning. These explanations range from practical to plausible, and all of them are fun to explore.

One modern reason for wearing a wedding band on the ring finger is all about location. Wedding rings are often made of soft, delicate metals and need to be cared for and protected. The ring finger is seldom used, and is protected by fingers on both sides. This makes it the perfect finger to take on the job of wearing such an important symbol.

Early Christian tradition states that the ring finger was chosen as a result of the wedding ceremony itself. During the ceremony, the priest would hold the ring and touch it to each finger as he recited, “Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” He would touch the thumb on Father, the index finger on Son, and the middle finger for Holy Spirit. The ring would then be placed on the forth finger to seal the marriage vows.

Ancient Chinese tradition also has an explanation for choosing the 4 This tradition gives each finger special significance:

  • Thumb = Parents
  • Index = Siblings
  • Middle = Self
  • Ring = Partner
  • Pinkie = Children

To illustrate this concept, spread the fingers of both hands wide, then tuck the middle fingers of each hand down. Put the fingertips together, thumb touching thumb, index touching index, and so on. This will place the knuckles of the middle fingers together. With the hands positioned in this way, it is possible to separate the thumbs, index fingers and pinkie fingers, one set at a time. This is because we are made to separate from parents, siblings and children in our lives. The ring fingers, however, will not come apart in this position. This is because we are supposed to stay with our partners forever.

Still another legend states that in Roman times it was believed that a vein started in the ring finger of each hand and led directly to the heart. Since the heart is on the left side, the vein in the left hand provided the shortest route to the heart. This vein became known as the “Vena Amoris”, or “Vein of Love”. A ring was placed over this vein to show true and lasting love.

Perhaps the most popular explanation of why wedding rings are worn on the ring finger, this Roman legend is also the only one that explains why western cultures prefer the left hand over the right one. Though the existence of the Vena Amoris is proved false by modern science, this legend is credited as the beginning of the tradition.

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